Feature Films, Documentaries & Shorts

Balanta (AT) – 2022
by Gregor Kuhlmann & Fernanda Piñeda
camera by Hanz Rippe
edited by Simon Hartl

in co-production with Paramó Films

shot in Timbiquí, Cauca, Colombia

Soñando con Tultepec  – 2021
by Vincent Schaack

in co-production with Fire & Magic


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Wut auf Kuba (AT) – 2022
directed by Naira Cavero
camera by Karl Kuerten
edited by Daniela Schramm-Moura

produced by LOCOLOR
in co-production with HFF München
with the support of FFF Bayern

Official Selection  FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 22’
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Coming projects

HOME (AT) – 2022
Feature film
directed by Gregor Kuhlmann
screenplay by Fabio Dentella,
Gregor Kuhlmann, Sara Gleede

in Development stage

DIVINE (AT) – 2022
Short film
directed by Vincent Schaack
screenplay by Vincent Schaack

in Pre-Production stage
Paradies aus Staub und Schweiß (AT) – 2023
Feature film
directed by The Locolores
(Gregor Kuhlmann, Adrian Nehm & Vincent Schaack)
screenplay by The Locolores

in Development stage